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Carving Care 

Your carving has been treated with wood oil but it is important to remember it is a living and breathing piece of wood. This means it will it will develop some cracks and shakes depending on the type of wood and how you look after it.
Below are some tips on how to care for your new carving. 
  • Avoid placing your carving in direct sunlight as this could affect the colour and in hot sun could cause cracking. Best placed in dappled shade. 
  • Avoid placing the carving directly on grass or soil. Best placed on a form of stone or slate. A small raise of the carving will allow airflow. 
  • Treat your carving all over two to three times a year with a wood oil. 
  • Large carvings will need to be secured to prevent falling. 
  • If looked after correctly your carving will last a long time. 
Most importantly enjoy your carving. 
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